I was born for the Storm….

17 01 2012

I hope you get a chance to read Bill Lewis’s recent blog, Are You Feeding Your Elephant? , and watch the short video.  What an amazing time of fun and celebration.  Just the thought of taking our buddies for a weekend to play and enjoy life is so exciting for Mary and I.  We build the LIFE business for these times.

Now I know that there may be one or two people out there that look at the adventure of driving cars and may say, “What a waste of time”.  But I would plead with you to continue reading.  Maybe no one else has ever felt like — It must be nice, or They are just showing me what they have and what I don’t have, or I’m not part of that group, or My situation will never allow me to have that.  Well I appreciate your sentiment because I have been there.  I want to give you a glimpse into what I have found.

A couple of years back, I heard a speaker say that she worked under the principle of — Have fun, Make money, and Make a Difference.  At least that is what she attempted to say.  The young lady misspoke and said, “Make funny..”   She quickly made the correction and moved on, but I am not so sure it was a slip of the tongue.  How many have heard that, “Life is fun”?  Some may say “Well, it ain’t fun, for sure!” But what if we could make the decision to Make funny — make our life fun.  Not pursue fun for fun sake, but find the humor in things without losing its importance.  Orrin Woodward– recipient of the 2011 IAB  Top Leader Award, exemplifies this attitude.  I picked him up at the airport a couple of days ago and he had a swagger about him that reminded me of a quote by President Andrew Jackson, “I was made for the Storm, the calm does not suit me”.  Not the steely-eyed conviction that grows with conflict like a General Patton, Maximus, or King Leonidas, which Orrin can produce if needed. But the attitude that whatever is going on, God planned it for good, so I am going to smile and enjoy the growth.  We can learn volumes from this.  What a pleasure to be around people like this.  They don’t make light of the situation, but bring light into the situation.   

What if we could take our moments and feed our elephant with fun?  What could change in our day if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously?  What if we woke up tomorrow and said that we were going to go out today and make someone smile?  What if in that process, you could discover their dreams and give them a picture of it?  Paying off a debt? Traveling to a warm island?  Driving that specific car?  Helping a loved one?  Spending time with a loved one?  Writing a check to a certain charity?

 I highly recommend listening to LLR 473  “Sprezzatura” by Chris Brady.   He illustrates this point so well.  Take time to enjoy and make fun part of your life.

God bless, Aron

Steel the mind and Tender the heart.




13 responses

17 01 2012
Kim Morisett

I’ll have to borrow that cd from you, Aron. I don’t have that one!

17 01 2012
Jason D Wilson

Amen brotha!!! I feel this blog Mr. Radosa!!! Good stuff. Life is a blast even in the storm (just make sure you keep moving toward the sunshine) because there are so many things to be thankful for. I can picture it so clearly when the BOB make the first of a two part payment for our section of TEAM ISLAND!! It’s going to be a blast!!! I can picture the weather being the perfect temperature and the water the most clear and beautiful color blue. I can picture waking up studying the bible and then reading chapter two out of Birtles latest book. Now its B Ball time. Finally my skills are coming back from a few year layoff………. (fill in the rest with your dream) It’s our time now fellas….

17 01 2012
Mike Coulter

This is a great reminder of what a melancholy / cleric like me struggles with. I believe if I would mix in a lot more fun the benefits would be obvious. Thanks for the great post.

Mike Coulter

18 01 2012
Daniel Pinkelman

This was well worth my time! I love the section on Andrew Jackson & that all things work for good. Too often I catch myself missing teachable moments and the perspective you gave in that paragraph is a great way to keep that focus. Thanks for all your effort to put this out there.
Proverbs 27:17
Daniel Pinkelman

18 01 2012
Chris Brady

Accurate description of Orrin’s attitude in life…and, as you know, I am always in favor in making life fun and finding the humor! Great post!

19 01 2012
Damian Smith

Awesome writeup Aaron! Thank you for all you do for the BOB’s Team!!!

21 01 2012
kirk birtles

Aron… You are a great example of one who ‘was made for the storm’! Thanks for always being an example of a courageous man and leader worthy of following! Great post and insight.

God bless,


11 02 2012

October 17, 2011 Great iipnirnsg post, although I tried reading on my android and it wasn’t optimized for mobile at all. Nevertheless, some great content

25 01 2012
John A Burns

I find it so funny that in my past I was known for having a calm head during a crisis, but when it came to a constant drizzle of minor things I’d melt down. How thankful I am that God is working in my life through leaders like you, Chris and Orrin!

31 01 2012

Aron, Great Post. Again you are a great example of a man of steel and velvet.

God Bless! Nate and Mary

2 02 2012
Nathan Martyn

What an awesome way to put it!!

16 02 2012

Aaron I just love your take on life (and LIFE). I am finally around people that “get” me. Especially the statement “They don’t make light of the situation, but bring light into the situation.” Wow! That’s what it’s all about there.
Some of the people I work with don’t understand how someone can be positive so often. It makes them feel like you are not grasping the severity of situation. Well honestly it takes a lot of effort to see the positive and try to turn a challenging situation into a positive. The negative road always seems to be a little easier to follow and I think that is why so many people end up traveling it.
Thank you for reminding us that we can have fun with a serious business. I don’t always remember all of the business details I here at the meetings, but I remember everything funny thing you say or face you make. You really make an impact. Thanks Aaron and God Bless!
Robert and Christy Torres

2 03 2012
Patty O'Neal

I love how you share wisdom in a way that can be applied on a daily basis.
Thank you.

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