Start of something big: LIFE

25 10 2011

We stand (or are likely sitting to read this) less than 24 hours away from the beginning of LIFE.  This ‘turning on the lights’ comes with great anticipation for many people including myself.  Two of the founders, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady,  have written national best-sellers and have been recognized by many as experts in the leadership category.  The business, LIFE, looks at the 8 F’s (Faith, Family, Finance, Following, Fitness, Friends, Freedom, and Fun) and is set to give result-based information for each category to help improve an individual personally and/or professionally.  The info comes via audio CD’s, books, and seminars.  The TEAM, a leadership service provider, is spear-headed this launch of LIFE.

——-the TEAM, with nearly 15,000 plus people attending seminars monthly, either live or through streaming video, is expanding its reach and scope monthly. LIFE Founders and leaders of the caliber of Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins, each personally lead communities of thousands of people. If someone desires to learn leadership, I do not believe there is a better community to learn from anywhere in North America. Since 1999, we have been perfecting our craft, building numbers and building leaders. Because the Team is a performance-based culture, 100% of the profits remaining after expenses are flowed back to the field leaders who qualify as directors. Unlike most training companies, where a few keep all profits, we designed a fair system to reward the leadership team that builds the TEAM. No special deals period, everything is based upon numerical performance. What other training company can say that? Indeed, to my knowledge, TEAM is the only zero profit training company in the marketplace. Anyone who builds a community through serving others can become a Director, helping to train new leaders and be rewarded for doing so. In addition, thanks to the lucrative compensation plan associated with LIFE, the majority of a person’s income will come from the MLM, not the training system. The bigger the community the bigger the leader must be. Building large numbers requires grace, to love people where they are at, long enough for them to want to get better. However, no community is perfect. When issues arise, we have a culture that teaches conflict resolution, gaining “teachable moments,” from every issue, making each leader grow and improve. This is a TEAM difference.—— taken from Orrin Woodward’s BLOG of 9/14/11.

What a dynamic duo, Team and LIFE! Two seperate companies with the mind-set to change a million lives toward improvement.  I believe this is more than possible, and  I am onboard.  I not only want a front seat, but can’t wait to help.  

God bless,  Aron