Scam/Pyramid — Life Leadership?

28 02 2014

This past weekend Mary and I spent our time down in Columbus, Ohio.  We had the honor to be around literally thousands of people from all walks of life (race, creed, color, age, religion, etc.) with the mindset to become better. To say that it was incredible, would be an understatement!  Between the resources available, the amazing speakers, and the fellowship of the group, it is an environment for all.  The Life Leadership company is growing at a thunderous rate.  I am not going to change your mind on what has been accomplished, nor what this company stands for, but facts don’t lie.  Here is 2 compelling articles that you MUST read.  I pray you take the time to showing up at a local seminar and find out that there are real people who have gone through real things that are helping real people get through their real events.  The Life Leadership Company is real, and its better than you think as my mentor, Bill Lewis once told me.

God Bless,

Aron Radosa

Steel the Mind and Tender the Heart.




5 responses

28 02 2014

So true Aron, life leadership is better than you could ever imagine. We are truly blessed to share this material to people who are hurting inside. God bless you! And each one reach one. BBNQ.

28 02 2014
Aron Radosa

Amen, brother! That group that is hurting inside is vast. Only the courageous will take the role to help this group improve to the point of becoming comfortable in their own skin. Fired up!!

28 02 2014
Ed Fancon

awesome group, awesome convention, awesome friends, and awesome business! Blessed to be part of this with you guys!!!

28 02 2014
Aron Radosa

And we continue to get better because of gentlemen like you are growing bigger and bigger communities.

6 03 2014
Jon Cox

Hi Aron, It has been a long time. I came across your blog and am very intrigued about what you guys are doing with the “Life Leadership” Jon Cox

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