Courage in Life —- part III

2 01 2012

Each year comes and goes with the same amount of time required (yes, I know Mr or Mrs Detail that sometimes their are leap years giving us 24 extra hours).  Likely it is not the time that sticks in our head, but it is our impact on that year or the year’s impact on us.  In light of so many new year’s resolutions that have come and gone, I propose a thought.  What if we just decide to live each day with one thought — Courage.  Not how I define it, but you and allow it impact your whole year. 

Some may have had the opportunity to see a powerful movie called, “Courageous”.  This movie will impact many people inregards to their family life, their parenting, their careers, their purpose, and their friendships.  Yes, it is that good.  Try it out for yourself and let me know.   

I will end this with a video my 15 year old neice made about courage.  What if all the 15-16 year old ‘s in the country thought about courage like this.

God bless, Aron

Steel the mind and Tender the heart.




6 responses

2 01 2012
Dan Miller

Great reminder, Aron! (and an awesome movie) – Thanks for sharing.

12 08 2014

It’s a joy to find soonmee who can think like that

8 01 2012
gregjohnson on leadership


I love your challenge…. to face each day with courage.

16 01 2012
Nathan Martyn

There once was a time when ordinary men were asked to do extraordinary things……..

2 02 2012
Mike Coulter

I loved the movie. I found myself standing up at the end of the movie. I had my boys on both sides of me. It made me realize that I have a lot I can do better.

2 03 2012
Patty O'Neal

What if?
I watched your niece’s video. Great job!
You are certainly a great example of courage.
Thank you.

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